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i's reaction to the Transformation. She had looked so lovely when the beauty consultant had finished with her, but Jacqui had not uttered a single word from the time the beautician had arrived at Jacqui's chair until they arrived home at the end of the day. She had, however, more than made up for that silence once she had gotten her Mother behind closed doors. xnxx hot Laurie had finally resorted to a little magical probing to figure out what had provoked so violent a reaction. It would have been funny sunny leone xnxx had it not been so sad. sex video Jacqui's still male mind had been turned on by Jacqui's beautifully made up xvideos face, and *he* (and it most definitely was the part of Jacqui that was xnxx tv still *he*) had not been able to handle it. And like most males when faced with something they can't handle, Jacqui had gone livid and had lashed out at the 'cause' of her problem. That had cost them xxx a couple of porn days of seething tension. Worse, it had ended the shaky truce between them, as well. Jacqui cooperated with Laurie's lessons, xnxx indo but otherwise spent as little time as possible in her Mother's presence. Fortunately, things were settling down once again. With Jacqui's somewhat grudging cooperation, other, important lessons were proceeding apace. Jacqui was trying manfully (again xnxxx the correct term) to be womanly. If the tone of Laurie's teaching was more appropriate to a Victorian girl still in the schoolroom than to a modern woman of the nineties, well, Laurie xnxx com thought, that served a purpose, too. The very exaggerated gestures and movements she had drilled into him were xnxn too theatrical to be of any use in a modern setting, but what was left over, when Jacqui wasn't "acting out for teacher", was nicely feminine. In the course of these xnnn lessons, Jacqui had walked back and forth across the living room in her new high heels, balancing Jane Austen's _Pride and Prejudice_ on her xnxx korea head. xxnn She had learned to sit demurely, xnxx japan with her back straight and her videos xnxx knees together thanks to a few judiciously placed straps for reminders. She'd learned to pour and serve tea with the dexterity and aristocratic snobbery of a Regency Dame. She'd read, under duress, romance novels which she was subsequently quizzed on about the heroine's feelings and motivations. Her forays into public had gotten a bit easier as she'd become more used to her new skin xxx xnxx and to the clothing that Laurie insisted she wear. Jacqui looked particularly good www.xnxx in Laura Ashley, but then, most good looking young women did. The more intimate lessons had been the hardest ones to get across to her only semi-willing pupil. Teaching her daughter the fundamentals xnxx desi of feminine hygiene had not been a fun experience for either of them. Jacqui had twice stormed porn xnxx off in a humiliated huff during those lessons. Only the fear for her daughter's health had spurred Laurie to finish those lessons. An internal infection might xxx xnxx damage Jacqui's reproductive system which would put paid to any chance she might have of undoing the Transformation. Laurie had finally resorted to a minor touch of magic in order to convince Jacqui of the need for these female ablutions. Amazing what a simple urinary tract infection or just a taste of a vaginal yeast infection had xnxx indo done to vina garut xnxx help her daughter understand the ramifications of not keeping the inner woman clean. By tacit agreement, they'd left the twin issues of sex and vidio xnxx sexuality alone. Although Jacqui would have to face them when she went back to school, there were ways of avoiding the issue for a short while longer. For one thing, it was going to take real effort to get the girl to go out with a boy, period, and for another, her child went to school for two things, learning and sports. She would have only the most innocent of contact with boys for the time being. Laurie was entirely happy to let that particular hurdle stay in the future. Jacqui needed more time to learn better the scope of her new body's needs and demands. At the same time, she needed xnxx video to learn some control of her physical reactions, as well. The last thing Laurie wanted was for Jacqui to xnxx video slip up with some guy and get herself pregnant. It was simply too soon. Getting pregnant now, without the fundamental wwwxnxx grounding in magic xnxx arab necessary to finish learning the Transformation Spell, wouldn't do her daughter porn any good. Jacqui simply had www xnxx too much to learn before she could begin to desi xnxx wield the power she would need to be male again. Telling her that she had to get pregnant once was a conversation Laurie wished she could avoid. Having to tell her that her first xnxx bokep pregnancy wasn't enough did not bear thinking about. Secondly, and just as importantly, she took Jacqui's threat of abortion and self-sterilization seriously. xnxx telugu Laurie knew the rigidity of her son's sex will (and his sheer pigheaded stubbornness) and really feared what *he* might do before her *daughter* had finished sorting gay xnxx herself out. She only hoped that Jacqui took her own threat of using mind control magic just as seriously. Otherwise, xnxx 2019 they were in xnx deep trouble because xnxx tamil the xnxx .com threat was hollow. She would not, could not do that to Jacqui, because xnxx videos that would be exactly what Jacqui had accused her of doing - destroying the last of her child's dreams. Laurie needed to vidio xnxx talk to her Sisters. Some decisions had to made quickly and she needed their wise counsel. Maybe tomorrow she'd call Bronwyn. The chill of xvideos the rapidly cooling bath water pulled Laurie back from porno xnxx her reveries. Quickly, she washed off and xnxx tamil got out of the tub. Her mind would not let her xnxx jav rest and she found herself going downstairs to get a book. On site xnxx her return, she heard a muffled sound coming from inside Jacqui's room. She was about to discount it as her imagination, when she heard it again. It was a moan of pain. Tiptoeing over to the door, she peeked in. There on the bed, laying on her side and huddled into a fetal position about her pillow, was her indian xnxx daughter. Laurie moved into the room and settled on to the bed beside Jacqui. She looked xnxx. com up from her pillow, misery clouding her eyes. "Mum, I'm sick. I think I have that flu bug again, like I caught last winter. I feel so nauseous and my lower belly is in knots." Jacqui was in such discomfort, she forgot she was still cross with Laurie. Laurie had been expecting this. She had described this experience vividly in the sunny leone xnxx diary she'd taken to keeping after her own Transformation. It was right on time, she mused, and evidently just as rough as her own first time. Gently, she put a soothing hand on her daughter's sweaty forehead and massaged her temples. "It's all right, luv." she whispered. "It's not the video porno flu. It is just the xnxx teen first arrival of your monthly. To be sure, this is one of the less attractive aspects of your new station in life, but it is a xnxx app miracle, none-the-less. You are a xnxx com/ woman, now, Jacqui. You are starting your first menses." Jacqui pulled her covers over her head. "Oh, god, I had completely forgotten that part of this." Another groan signaled the onset of another round of cramps. "I don't know how I will ever forgive you for this, Mother." Although site xnxx the words were sharp, the tone was not. It reminded xxnxx Laurie of the gentle male/female bantering site xnxx she used to xvideo engage in regularly with her son. It actually warmed her. "I know just how you feel, luv. www xnxx I said much the same thing to my own Mum about this time after she Transformed me." Reaching down, she pulled the covers off her daughter and admired for a xxx xnxx brief instant the lovely nightgown she wore. Jacqui had steadfastly refused to model her nightwear for her Mother, giving Laurie cause to wonder if she was sleeping in the buff. Evidently not, she thought happily. "Come along with me, Miss. Time for your first lesson on xnxx cina the care of the menstruating female. You don't want to get that lovely night shift all messy, now do you?" The technical aspects of inserting the tampon had been xnxx selingkuh acutely embarrassing for her child. Sitting on xnxx videos the toilet, xnxx stories splaying her legs wide porno so that her *Mother* video xnxx could demonstrate the process, had nearly reduced the girl to tears. Laurie had tried to make things easier for them both by injecting some humor sex video into the proceedings, but Jacqui's expression told her that there xxnxx was *nothing* xnxx mom funny about it. Maybe she'd look back on it, someday, and xnxx mom see the humorous bits xnxx jepang in it, Laurie thought hopefully. Once xnxx selingkuh the immediate problem of leakage was under control, Laurie had put Jacqui back to bed and given her a gentle back massage. Her knowledgeable fingers soon relaxed the xxx video tight muscles of Jacqui's abdomen and her daughter fell asleep almost immediately thereafter. A quick, magic-assisted examination of her daughter proved that bokep xnxx all of Jacqui's internal organs were working and fully indo xnxx female. Phase one was complete. Her free porn daughter was a fertile, sexually mature female. She could xnxx asia now xnxxcom begin learning magic. Her https // body had just taken the critical first step toward reversing the Transformation she hated so very much. The next step would sex xnxx come in ten to sixteen days when she ovulated for the first time. Quietly pleased, Laurie xnxx vina garut tiptoed back to her room and xnxx arab went to sleep. zoo xnxx A Change of www xnxx com Direction xnxx stories Chapter 10 Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan This is *not*, underline that, please, *not* a diary and desi xnxx I am not going to open it the way I have read that teenage girls do xnxx app by writing "Dear Diary" on every damned page. This is a journal, a record of my experiences as I work to become xnxx teen my own man again. It xnxx hd is also a place where I can vent in privacy. Actually, the porno xnxx whole thing is Mum's idea and she has promised some big deal oath that she will not use her magic to "eavesdrop" on any thoughts I express in here. It is a good idea, actually, xnxx bokep although I refuse to tell her that. God knows, I need some place to discuss things or I will go crazy. I won't go to Mum and I can't go to anyone else. So this is the place where I will talk with myself. And with Jack. I know I promised Mum I would work to think of myself as the female I give every outward appearance of being. And I have. Mostly. porno xnxx But Jack is still a part of me, and he still needs expression. At least, xnxx. he does if I/he/we are ever going to get through this with my/his/our sanity intact. Anyway, on with the writing.... 18 Days A. T. (*that's *A*fter *T*ransformation. I need a time scale. I would rather count "days to porn Re-Transformation", but I can't. Mum doesn't even know when that will happen. Or if she does know, she is not telling me. Which would mean that she is porn xnxx lying to me, again, and I really don't think she is - this time. I think I believe her. At least, I believe free porn she does not know xnxx india *that* xxnn bit of information, anyway.) I have just been assured that my desi xnxx *first* period is now officially over. I hereby apologize to all the girls I snickered at in the eighth grade when they turned green and had to go to the school nurse every month or so. I also understand the true meaning of xnxx videos "being on the rag". It has nothing https // to do with the various xxx videos cloth implements intended to collect the discharge and thus keep our womanly parts and clothes from becoming a bloody mess. No, the phrase *must* derive from what the whole damned process feels like, particularly when it first hits. I can only liken it to having somebody reach inside you, grab hold of your guts with both japanese xnxx hands and then try to wring them out like a wet dish rag. This xnxx movies is neither "wonderful" nor "glorious", Mum. Jack went into deep hiding during the whole four days, the damned coward. Left me alone to face the thing all by myself. Well, not quite. Mum was xnxx sex there for me. She was actually pretty great about the whole thing. I did not appreciate her attempts at humor. On reflection that was more because of a petty desire to pout and sulk then the lameness of her jokes. Some weren't *too* bad. Her back massages were *blissful* and the food she fixed for me was bland but it stayed down when I did not think anything I ate would. It's a strange thing and I don't know for sure, nor will I ask her, but I think she did something magical to blunt the worst xvideo of it that first night. Don't know why, just a feeling niggling in my head. Her hands felt sort of warm on my back, only it wasn't the hot kind of xnxx 2019 warm. Can't describe it, really, you just had to be there. Taking birth control pills every day sure seems strange. Not that I want to be with guys *that* way, but if I have learned nothing else about this new body of mine, I have found out that I am xnxx hindi very xnxx 2019 easily aroused, and xnxx barat once I am turned on, I *need* sexual relief. Since I am not xnxx. com sure that my mental reservations about guys will preclude some male from getting me sexually excited, I really don't want to take the chance. What nxxn is that old line about what you call women who rely upon contraceptive methods other than chemical or shields? They call them Mothers. And since I am tamil xnxx a virgin, that leaves www.xnxx only the chemical method for me. Particularly since I am *not* going sex to trust a man to protect me. What am I saying??!? A man? Me? Damn. Mom gave me some line about only getting pregnant if I want the baby of the man who is inside me. What a crock! Does she *want* me to get pregnant? If I believe xnxx japan her, all I have to do is not want babies and I am home free. Somehow, I don't think so, Mum. Which leads wwwxnxx me to another, scarier line of thought. What xnxx india the hell is all this learning I am going to find so "bloody awful"??!? I know xnxx tamil Mom had me, and I *do* know where babies come from. I don't think I am going to be permitted to avoid becoming "fully female" with a man, but I hope it is not something really sick, like taking a man in my mouth or putting out to two guys at once. Naw, whatever xnxx Mom is, she is not that nasty. More likely, I am going to have to make out with a guy and enjoy it. Yeah, something like that. She is just not going to happy xnxx sex videos until I get thoroughly screwed and love it. Well, that is it for today. Not a bad first start, and I *do* feel a little xnxx/ better. Jack feels a bit ashamed at my discussion xnxx com/ of his cowardice, but he'll get over it. For now, I have a date with a hot tub full of bubbles. Another thing about this japan xnxx monthly affirmation of my new femininity. It makes you smell just a bit off, particularly up close, and a shower just doesn't get the job done. Just wish I had something to read other than fashion magazines and romance novels. Don't girls read Sports Illustrated? Oh well. Till next time. End Journal Entry. ************ "Well?" Laurie asked the slender, ethereally bokep xnxx pretty woman seated across the kitchen table from her. The woman smiled. "If you wanted to know that badly, Laurel, you should not have taken an oath sacred to xnxx porn the Goddess not to peak." she chided gently. Laurie grimaced. "She needed the outlet so much, Bronwyn. xnxx porno She won't talk xnxx hot to me and she doesn't have anyone else. She would not have started the journal if I had not promised not to look." "You xnnn know that asking me to do your peaking for you is precisely the type of half xnxx tv truth that got you into this trouble to begin with. However, sex xnxx in this case, I must agree with you. She needs to express her feelings and you need know how she is feeling." Bronwyn's faintly blue eyes became unfocused, then once again cleared. She looked at Laurie, surprise arching her brows. "Did you use the xnxxcom healing arts to ease xxnxx her menses, Laurel?" Laurie's eyes went wide and then she blushed at having been caught. "Yes, High Priestess. She was in such discomfort and I felt so guilty at that moment. When I massaged her, I took just a bit of her pain into myself - not much," she hastened to add in self justification, "Just enough that she could drop xnxx jepang off to sleep. "Yes, well, as you are aware, we don't normally do that for a new Sister's First Flow, but I can understand your dilemma. I will not gainsay your decision, Laurel. You must do as you think best in this sadly unique Transformation Transition. However, that is not the point. What is important is that your daughter sensed the use of the power. mom xnxx She speculated that you did something magical and tamil xnxx even xnxx. described it quite accurately. I don't think I have ever heard of a novice Sister being quite so sensitive or aware of the Goddess power so soon after Transformation before." "I am xnx not surprised, Bronwyn. Everything has pointed to her being very special, and very powerful. Stubble it! What did I do incorrectly? Why is she fighting this so hard? How can she possibly want to ... xxn to go back?" Tears welled in Laurie's eyes. "Laurel." Bronwyn's voice was velvet steel. "You did nothing wrong. The Sisterhood has reviewed the Transformation and everything leading up to it. We have found nothing wrong. Your child is, as you said, unique and very special. Unfortunately, this is sometimes what happens when you deal xnxx indonesia with unique cases. You cannot anticipate things that are outside your experiences. So, while that makes her very important xxnx to us because video porno of the power she possesses, some other facet that makes her unique is likely working against us." Laurie's tension eased under her friend's soothing approval. "You are sure?" she asked tremulously. At Bronwyn's emphatic nod, she sighed, and relaxed a bit more. "You know? I do think I know at least xxx video one of the problems. Initially pretending that the Transformation was a fanciful lark xnxx sex video on my part was a mistake. I know that it worked with me when my Mother Transformed me. I just saw the entire thing as a videos xnxx great adventure. However, that ploy failed miserably with my own daughter. At the time, she saw my lighthearted attitude as a xnxx telugu cruel, mean-spirited thing. She continues to xnxx indonesia xnxx sex think of it that way." "Would you have denied her the re-Transformation back to sex video her male identity had she xnxx telugu requested it before you completed the final spell? The spell that now requires her to effect her own change back to Jack?" Bronwyn's tone was one of only mild interest, as if she already knew the answer. Laurie's eyes went wide in outraged shock. "Of course NOT! Not if she had been that xxxx repulsed by xnxx vina garut the change, or if she had maintained sufficient self control in the face of her new feminine needs and responses to request the re-Transformation. That would have been proof that Jack's xnxx hot masculine self image was simply too strongly ingrained for her to xnxxcom have any success making the adjustments she would need to master the Power herself. That *would* have been cruel because without her own Power, my spell would then have been both permanent and irreversible." "Then your only error was one that the Sisterhood approved - the treating of the initial xnxx asia Transformation period in a fun and playful manner. We *expected* it to be a fun experience xnxx for her because that's how it was for xnnx all of us. If you will recall, *that* was why we chose the Scully xxx identity for the first stage of the Transformation - xxx videos because everything we knew about your son indicated that he would have fun "being" her. Unfortunately, although Jack reacted as we expected when you put the question for xnxx video "more time" to her, she did not react as we anticipated when she was faced xnnn the totality of what she had inadvertently agreed to accept. The real nxxn sadness of this is that as we prepare for a probable conflict in which we will desperately need the power she could wield, we will likely not be able to count upon having xnxx teen it. *BUT*, I will say this again, *none* of that is your fault." A teary smile porn videos curved xnxx download japanese xnxx Laurie's lips. "I understand, High Priestess. Thank you for telling me that. I have felt very . . . inadequate of late." xnxx "Nonsense. Nothing about you is in any way inadequate." Bronwyn flicked the word away with a careless gesture of her hands. "One other thing, Laurel. Jack is in the journal, xnxx sex videos too, but in the third person. I find that very positive. She is trying to acclimate. She also berates his ..... desertion of her during her recent trial." A wickedly xnxx hindi mirthful indo xnxx grin lit Bronwyn's video xnxx face showing how beautiful she was. "My, my, my. She does xnxx stories have quite an imagination." Mirth twinkled in Bronwyn's eyes. "She is discussing what her lessons may require gay xnxx of her. Very inventive, and at least partially accurate." "On another matter," Bronwyn continued quickly, "she did not believe you when you told her about the ineffectiveness of birth control. I xnxn even infer that she took it just the other way, that you were telling her she porno could stop conception." xnxx app Laurie's eyes closed on her misery. "Goddess, what a mess. In that case, we are going to have to keep her on a very short leash until she is xnxx/ advanced enough to xnxx hd be taught xnxx movies the Transformation spell. It is almost japan xnxx impossible for one of us *not* to think xnxx indian positively about conception when we are making love with a man we care xnxx korea about. That is why we usually stick to relationships with xnxx .com other Sisters. Otherwise we would be continuously pregnant." "Sadly true. Although, being with child is a lovely feeling. It sex is sex videos too bad that as members of the Sisterhood, we tend to link making love and making babies very closely in our minds and spirits." "At least *you* can avoid that by maintaining some separation when you are making love with a man. Some of us can't." Laurie sulked. "True, which is probably a facet of your healing gifts. Still, keeping that mental xnxx anime shield means that the act of making www xnxx com love is not nearly as fulfilling as it should be." Bronwyn frowned a bit before continuing. "Anything else?" Laurie hesitated, but decided to press on. "Yes, while we are on the subject of sex. Jacqui's drives xnxx gay are already very strong. She masturbates every night. My own sex drive following Transformation was very demanding and I think hers will be even stronger. Like most new Sisters, I had my Mother to help me cope with the hunger until I was ready to deal with men. She never took, Bronwyn, xnxx indian only xnxx gay gave until I was ready to return the gift. Jacqui, however, has not forgiven me and she won't want that kind of relationship with me. It would be abusive of me even to try right now, but we can't let her xnxx barat fall prey to her body's needs and end up getting pregnant wwwxnxx too soon. I don't want to find out the hard way she was serious in her threat. If xnxx desi she wants to be a man again that badly, I have to help her, but you are xnxx jav well aware of what terminating a fetus would mean." "Yes, I know. You really believe that is a possibility?" At Laurie's shaky nod, Bronwyn frowned thoughtfully. "Hmmm, porn videos Yes, I see you do. All right, I agree we need to provide her with an outlet. Someone to whom she can relate xvideo and to whom she can confide her little troubles would also be useful. She starts school when? In a fortnight? indian xnxx All right, nxxn I will arrange for her to meet someone at mom xnxx school xnnx who will provide her with friendship, advice and sexual relief." "A member of the Sisterhood?" Laurie asked. gay xnxx At Bronwyn's emphatic nod, Laurie sighed resignedly, wishing she could be the one to xnxx sex video share that first time and those other things with her daughter. That was just another of her little Mother's dreams xxxx that xnxx download had to be foresworn for the good of her daughter. "Please, Bronwyn, make sure it is someone special for her. Please." The answering smile was both gently reassuring and xnxx japanese wickedly feline. "Why, Laurel." The Power glowed about Bronwyn and her form blurred momentarily. The glow died just as suddenly, and where Bronwyn had been but an instant before, sat a teenaged girl - a shorter, blonder and very well developed teenaged girl. The face and body were pure adolescent xxn male wet dream brought to life, but the smile was still Bronwyn's. "I think your daughter is still viewing other women through your son's libido, darling. I believe this form is sufficiently lacking in subtlety to gain her and *his* attention." Shocked, Laurie gasped. "You? You are going to go to school and watch over Jacqui??" "Laurel, darling. I am going to do *much* more than just watch. I am going to wear her out, and then, I will give her a video porno little, less-than-sisterly guidance about the pitfalls and dangers of being a beautiful woman in man's world. Hopefully, I will be in a position to control her first contacts with men and tamil xnxx keep her out of too much trouble. It will also give me a chance to figure out how or if we can soften her attitude toward the Transformation. If she is going to be as powerful as we xnxx cina both think she can be, we will need her willing assistance in the coming struggle." Anticipation, xnxx porn then hunger gleamed in her lovely eyes. "Now, since your daughter is xnxx hd enjoying her little soak, how about you and I give the new equipment," she gave her newly expansive bosom a little shimmy that made one of Laurie's mouths dry and the other very wet, "a test drive?" She held out her hand to Laurie who happily took it in hers and then led the way to her bedroom. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan xnxx japanese Journal Entry: 25 days A. T. Mum's own monthly visitor arrived today. From the look of her, that arrival was not gentle, porn videos either. I wonder that I never noticed how xxnx difficult these times are for her before this. Takes one to know one? I guess. I really wanted to be glad she was feeling so vile. I wanted to enjoy the fact that she zoo xnxx was suffering, just like I had suffered because of what she had done to me. I *really* wanted to stand outside her sex xnxx door and yell something like "Payback is hell, isn't it?". Only, I couldn't. I hated xnxx porno that she did not feel well. Jack is a bit xxn upset with me for going soft on him, but I can't help it. Besides, his opinion doesn't count, the coward. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. And besides, she still xnxx download is my Mum. Anyway, I went into sex videos xnxx anime her room tonight and did the same things for her that she did for me - herbal tea and a back rub. She has nice skin vina garut xnxx www.xnxx - really xxx video soft and nice to touch. Is my skin like that now? She is so xnxx com much xnxxx lighter in skin color than I am. Anyway, it seemed to help. She went to sleep soon after japan xnxx I started. Hope she feels better tomorrow. I don't feel so good